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T & G offers two services :
1. Website Design
2.Event Design.

Our services help newly established businesses promote their brand and engage with their audience in intentional and effective ways. We also help established business revise their websites based on need, new campaigns/content, functionality, SEO optimization and other factors. Here at T& G, we understand that engaging with your targeted audience, will turn your “audience” into a community, a visitor into a “customer” while ensuring a lasting presence in your industry.

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Event Design

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T & G Services


We work closely with our clients to produce high quality websites and events by identifying the need, desired outcome/goals, and key messaging to promote your brand effectively.


The planning phase is critical when producing a website or event. All content should be provided and/or approved before moving to a new step in the design process. The small details are what makes your website or event unique and incomparable to competitors.


Engaging with your audience is crucial to the success of your business. Why host an event? A launch event to celebrate the start of your business, thank you to current clients, inform potential customers of your brand, and celebrating your team are just a few reasons to host an event for your business.

Quick Launch

A quick launch og  your website, can be done see pricing for more details.

importance of a t&g website

Reasons your business needs a highly functional, easy to navigate T & G Designed Website

  • Establishes Credibility
  • A unique, customized design
  • Online Presence = 24 Hour Marketing
  • 24 Hour Access for your audience
  • List Item

importance of a t & G event

Ways your business can benefit from a T & G event

  • Creates a since of community amongst your audience
  • A lasting impression of all aspects of your business
  • Adds Value to the quality of your product or service
  • Increased credibility and trustworthiness of your brand
  • Positive and Controller PR for your business